making goal post from pvc pipes

Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board For India



Narmin Damani


Arsh mawani,

Ayaan virani,

Ayaan surani,

Kaiz bharwani,

Shaaz kudchiwala,

Aryan moti,

Rehaan moti,

Soha kannani,

Ruheen rupani,

Rameez lakhani,

Step 1 FEEL

Fighting will playing for scoring the goal.So decided to build a goal post.

No proper decision.

Kids and their parents

Step 2 Imagine

Building temporary goal post Making permanents

Building temorary goal posts with pvc pipes and nets

Step 3DO

We took waste pvc pipes. Joint them all to make a goal post. Wraped it with nets.

Kides got better decision making for their games

All kids

"Satisfying goal posts" "Easily displaceable...good job"

Size of goal post to proper to that of original ones.

7-15 Days

Peace, Justice and strong institutions

Better decision helped kids to get play fair with justice

Step 4 SHARE

Friend and family They were very halpy as now kids dont fight much and also kids enjoy playing.


We will keep it uptodate as it is a temperary one we will handle it with care.