The Plastic People Project

Kellett School Kowloon Bay

Hong Kong


Emma Rickaby






Step 1 FEEL

Plastic not being recycled and having a harmful effect on the environment.

Raising public awareness about plastic waste because we want people to stop wasting so much plastic.

Everyone... the future is at risk because of careless use of plastic.

Step 2 Imagine

Organising for waste in school to be recycled Re-organising the waste at school Building a sculpture to raise awareness

Raising public awareness

Step 3DO

We asked our classmates to collect plastic and we used it to create 6 plastic people, a plastic dog and a giant plastic cup.

The sculpture will be displayed in the PMQ to raise public awareness.


The sculpture is yet to go on display but we are hoping hundreds of people will view it over the week. Children in our school were shocked by the information we shared with them.

It was initially difficult to collect enough plastic, but once more people knew what we were doing, we got plenty.

15-30 Days

Responsible consumption and production

This is an environmental issue. We want people to use less plastic.

Step 4 SHARE

We shared our ideas during assemblies and in our school eBulletin. Our sculpture will be on display at the PMQ.

More than 100

William is a keen eco-warrior and intends to team up with Plastic Free Seas to raise more awareness.